changing schools

Hey Beauties.

I'm so confused. Today I got my confirmation that I am accepted into another school. But I'm not sure anymore if I really want to go there. A few months when I applied I hated my school and had absolutely no reasons to stay there. But now after London I have so many new good friends. It's hard for me. The new school would make it a lot easier for me to get a workplace as an Aupair and to travel the world with Weltwärts and also to make new friends and having less stress because of school because it's easier. But at the same time this new school will take away my right to study at an university, I can't get my Cambrige Certificate or have AP-Classes in english that I desperatly want to pursue. Also I have to leave all my friends. I'm literally torn inside. 

This is basically the decision of my life and now I have to decide what will be better in the long run. But I honestly don't have a clue. I just want to work in London as a City Guide later. You can't even study that in Germany, which is ridiculous. 
This evening I will concentrate on my London Haul that I want to show you on here and right now I distract myself with Little Mix. I certainly hate that all this pressure is on young people. How can you expect us to make decisions that will determine our whole life? I hate it.

Take care!

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