memories of london

Hey Beauties.

I just need to blog right now. Yesterday morning I came back from London and right now I'm almost crying. I never felt like home here, I always felt like a stranger, like I don't belong here. The worst thing is that I had the feeling of being home somewhere else than my home: London. I never felt so free, independent and excited. Standing in crowded tubes with music playing in my ear, walking along massive streets and taking pictures of the sunset peeking through clouds and eating the same cheap breakfast every morning because I was only in our hotel for sleep. That's the life, man. 

London was out of everything I've ever could imagine. Of course it was freakingly big and crowded but I met people there that I will never forget. I made friends there. In these 7 days I got to be friends with people of my school that I've never seen before. We just clicked and spent almost all of our time together. It was amazing. The people in London are just completely the opposite of what I knew from people in my hometown. Our batshit-crazy tour guide in Shakespeares Globe Theatre who had me laughing through all of his tour because he made jokes all the time. The cyr wheel street performer on picadilly circus that kissed me on the cheek and made my heart stop for a while. I searched for  him for three whole days just to get his name and a selfie with him. He had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. The dude from florida that I met on my last day that just randomly invited me for a beer in covent garden and called me baby girl. I wish I could have met him sooner, we could have had the best adventures. The korean guy from "Guide Dogs" who told me after we spoke for almost ten minutes that he knew I couldn't afford to sponsor a dog but wanted to speak to me anyway. The various ladies in shops that told me how pretty my lipstick and flower crown looked like. All of these people are now memories. But they sure are memories that I will never forget.
Thank you all. Faryal, Maria, Laura, Lea, Christopher, Sac. 

I am now sure. I want to live in London in a few years. I do whatever it takes to get there. For me crystal palace was the most beautiful place to live. Who needs to have a big house in the middle of london when you can have the experience of having a little one room apartment in the outskirts and being able to travel to the centre of the town with the tube? Not me. I want the experience, not the wealth. 

Take care!

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