class trip to london

Hey Beauties.

Honestly, I'm so tired.
This week just made me crazy. I'm really glad that I will go to London on Saturday.
Don't even ask me why my post title is a song by One Direction. Sometimes I just have music-phases. Just wait, I'll explain. Music-phases are phases where I do not listen to the music I would mainly listen to but music that I would normally never listen to. To be honest, I often have one-direction-music-phases or justin-bieber-music-phases.
My post today is about my absence for the next week because of my London vacay.
I also have a new hairstyle. How surprising. I often let my hair get cut or dyed, I just like change. That's also the reason why I like travelling so much. I now have a front fringe. Totally awesome and my father is telling me that he doesn't recognize me anymore. Great. "You just look like a complete another person!" Well, thanks Dad. That is exactly what I wanted to hear when I ran around with a front fringe like that for the first fourteen years of my life. I wasn't able to upload the picture of me with a fringe on my laptop but you can just go on my Instagram, and if you're too lazy to search (come on, be both know you are) there's a widget on the bottom of my blog.

On Saturday morning, exactly at 6:15am I will leave my hometown Cassella with 45 other Wannabe-Britons and travel to London. The first day in London we will check out Camden Market, which is awesome because it's already on my London to-do-list. I want to go to Camden, Brick Lane and Shoreditch, Sea Life London, the museums and galleries (especially the National Gallery and the Huntarian Museum), a cat cafe, a strip pub, a freaking lot of sightseeing points like the Monument (the 319 steps up the stair are totally worth the sight) and a lot of other places.
Sadly, the Euro is really bad right now. For 1 pound theres 1.3 Euros. So 30 cents I lose everytime for a pound. That a lot of money.
But gladly, there are a lot of coffee shops with free wifi and I will blog whenever I have the chance to do it! :)

Music of today:

Take care!

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