my first post

Hey Beauties.

By the way: My name is Nikki.
I'm 18 years old and from Germany, but I prefer to speak english because I need to be a special snowflake. Always.
Just kidding, I just like the sound of english a lot more than german and I feel more comfortable.

This is me:


I go to high school and I hate it, especially because some of the people there are real fuckups and I really need to restrain myself to not lose my shit.
But well, enough about school, the main star here is me, innit?
My hobbies include the following:
- listening to various music like charts, classical music and ghetto rap
- judging people on the streets
- fangirling over kpop idols and breaking inside because I know that they probably don't give a shit that I exist
- dancing like a drunk tyler oakley (I adore him)
- telling myself at 1am that it's perfectly okay to watch another episode of supernatural and hating myself for it the next morning because I have school
- not being able to decide what is really my clothing style (prep, hip hop, alternative & tumblr) and not even having money to afford any of them
- going clubbing
- spending like 80% of my day either sleeping, eating or on tumblr
 - annoying my friends (quite sure they have secret meetings discussing how annoying I am)
-talking like a waterfall
- K-DRAMAS! (oh lee min ho, just marry me already)
- acting weird when in reality I'm shit-boring
- overthinking everything and making it worse by trying to make my non existent problems dissapear
and finally:
- travelling

By now you probably know more about me than both my parents and friends, congratulations!

I will post about anything that inspires me.
I don't really have a genre, but to satisfy your need to put everything on a shelf:
I will mostly post about travelling, fashion and lifestyle stuff.
Like the other 90% of blogspot. Excuse my non-existent-originality.

Today it's this cutie:

Take care!

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